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Documentary Maternity Photos on the Beach

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

When scheduling documentary maternity sessions, we choose an activity the couple enjoys doing together. Yuvala and Girish take daily walks together on the beach, so we chose to photograph one of their walks (no posing or directing involved). I love how her dress echos the colors of the cliffs. This is their last week being a family of two. So, it was special for them to share some quality time together on the beach.

After the beach, we returned to their house where they made dinner together with Yuvala's mom, who is visiting from India. I was pleasantly surprised when they made me a plate of the best Indian food I've ever had! I'm in love with dosas! These moments before baby arrives are so special and deserve to be documented. It's lovely to have beautiful belly photos, but it's more meaningful to have photos showing how the parents to be spent their time together pre-baby.

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