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"Mom, can we hire someone to photograph us at bedtime?"

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

What's your favorite time of day or favorite activities with your family? This is a question I always ask in my planning conversations with clients. Sometimes it takes some time for parents (well, let's be honest, I mostly talk to moms) to reflect on their answer. Jessica, however, knew right away that she wanted me to be there to tell their family's bedtime story. So, I came right after their dinner and photographed family play time, bath, teeth brushing, diaper changes, bottles, and bedtime stories. I enjoyed hanging out with this sweet family for their bedtime routine, which was so very sweet.

A few days later, when I was done editing the photos, I showed them to my daughter. She said, "Mom, can we hire someone to photograph us at bedtime?" It occurred to me (I don't know why it never had before, not in the same way anyway) that documentary family photos are a gift to everyone in the family. It gives us insights into who we are, how beautiful our everyday routines are that we so often take for granted amidst the busy daily life that is parenting. These photos will forever serve as a reminder to our children of how loved they are, of these special rituals that will soon change into other rituals as they grow older. It also made me really want to hire another documentary photographer to photograph us. You deserve to be in the photos too!

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