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Stress-Free Birthday Party (mom has fun!)

This mom hired me because she didn't want the responsibility of photographing her two and four-year-old's Birthday party. She wanted to be fully present and enjoy spending time with her kids and all of the guests. Not to mention, this way, she could actually be in the photos without having to remind her husband to take photos (we all know how those photos go - cue the photos of you eating or talking mid-sentence with a ridiculous expression). I come to save the daaay! I had a blast crawling around on my knees and getting bopped on the head with balloons in the bounce houses.

Whoa! Wait! I thought you were a documentary photographer?! What's this photo above? Families often ask for a couple of posed photos. I get it, a couple of these are nice to have and I'm happy to do them for anyone who asks.

Great grandma says goodbye as she leaves the party. She is 97 years old!

Cake face! Mom to the rescue!

I love her hair in this one!

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