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As a mom, I know that life with kids involves long days and short years. It's also full of emotion. All kinds - yours and theirs! One moment, you are gazing adoringly at your sweet baby, the next, you are holding back tears as you take them to their first day of kindergarten. Or, you are scrubbing slime out of rugs and towels (side note - I'm so not a slime fan). It's all life, your crazy, beautiful, life. Your amazing story that deserves to be genuinely told. The messy and the love filled moments. All of it. 


My Story

I live in Tucson with my daughter, husband, and cute but barky rescue dog. We travel a lot as a family and just returned from living in Portugal for a year. We love National Parks (in the U.S.), visiting family in Germany, and just traveling anywhere really! During all that travel, I have been known to subject my kid to Oprah Super Soul or Brene Brown podcasts in the car (not a fan, sadly, but I hope the wisdom is still seeping in!). 


 I also love art, of course. It is in my blood. I come from a long line of artists. I have a BFA and an MA in Art Education and taught art and photography, then mentored teachers. So, I don't scare easily when it comes to kids' behaviors. I've seen it all. Therefore, no need to try to get your kids to do anything in particular -- they can be their silly energetic and messy selves. 

I started my photography business in 2005 with weddings and family portraits. Now, I enjoy documentary family photography so much more because I can photograph families exactly as they are. It's genuine and meaningful. Unposed, unmatched, house uncleaned, authentic moments. Let's be real. 


That's my story, what's yours? Let's tell it together through photos!

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